Prawn Crackers
Mini Spring Rolls
(Vegetables) (6 pieces)
Prawn Spring Rolls
Duck Buns
Money Bags
(chicken) (4 pieces)
Curry Puffs
(Vegetables) (4 pieces)
Satay Chickens
3 pieces
Fish Cakes
4 pieces
Chicken Wings
6 pieces
Salt $ Pepper Squid
Salt & Pepper Prawns
Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab
Mixed Entree
Spring rolls (2),Prawn spring rolls,Curry Puff, Money Bags & Fish Cake


Chicken & Corn Soup
Warm gravy soup with sliced chicken, corn, egg, pepper and shallot
Beef & Mushroom Soup
Warm gravy soup with sliced beef, mushroom, egg , pepper and shallot
Wonton Chicken & Prawns Soup
Chicken dumpling served with green vegetable and green onion in chicken broth.
Tom Yum Prawns
Hot & sour soup
Laksa Chicken & Prawns Soup
Coconut milk curry Soup


Crying Tiger
Beef Rump with chilli tamarind sauce
Mhu Yaang
BBQ. Pork Neck with chilli tamarind sauce


Green Papaya Salads
(Som Tam)- Mild Spicy salad made from unripe papaya with peanuts, tomato, green bean and chilli. (Tell us how hot you like it)
Larb Mince Chicken Salad
Minced chicken flavoured with lime juice, coriander, shallot, mint leaves, spring onion and ground roasted rice.
Thai Beef Salad
Onions, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, Thai dressing
Aroamatic Duck Salad
Chilli Jam, onions, shallots, mint & lime dressing


with Mixed Vegetables

Red Curry
Homemade red curry paste cooked in coconut milk with sliced carrot, green bean, and fresh basil leaves.
Yellow Curry
Mild curry with potato, carrot, green bean with traditional curry powder and coconut milk
Green Curry
(Gaeng Koew Wan) Traditional medium hot green chilli curry in coconut milk with carrot, broccoli, fresh Thai herb, and fresh basil leaves.
Panang Curry
(Original Thai Recipes) A thick and dried curry with coconut milk flavoured with kaffir lime leaves.
Massaman Curry
Chunky tender beef slowly cooked in tasty thick creamy coconut milk with carrots, potatoes and cashew nut.

Stir Fried

with Mixed Vegetables

Hot Chilli Holy Basil
Fresh Thai Herbs
Oyster Sauce
Cashew Nuts
chilli jam sauce
Peanut Sauce
Satay sauce
Garlic & Pepper Sauce
Ginger & sesame oil sauce
Mongolian Sauce
homemade Mongolian sauce (soy sauce, black bean sauce, vinegar, garlic, ginger)

Side Dishes

with sambal
Fried Egg
Sticky Rice
Coconut Rice
Boiled Rice


with Mixed Vegetables

Pad Thai
thin noodles & tamarind
Pad See Ew
flat noodles & sweet soy
Pad Kee Mao
flat noodles & chilli basil
Ba Mee
hokkien noodles & sweet soy
Cashew Nuts Noodles
flat noodles & chilli jam
Peanut Noodles
flat noodles in satay sauce
Singapore Noodles
Rice vermicelli & curry powder
Mee Goreng
hokkien noodles in sambal
Laksa Mild Curry
rice vermicelli & tofu in curry soup

Fried Rice

with Egg & Mixed Vegetables

Thai Fried Rice
Drunken Fried Rice
Chilli holy basil
Nasi Goreng
fried rice in sambal
Cashew Nut Fried Rice
chilli jam
Crab Meat Fried Rice
Double Egg Fried Rice

Signature Dishes

Honey Chicken & Prawns
Lightly battered in honey & tamarind
Duck Curry
Mixed veg, basil, pineapple, tomatoes
Crispy Noodles
Crispy Ch&Pr with three flavour sauce


Black Sticky Rice Pudding with Taro
Banana Roti

Soft Drinks

Coke Can
Coke Zero Can
Sunkist Can
Schweppes Can
Sparkling Water
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